Programs and Service

Design and Purpose

The programs and services offered are designed to support positive individual growth and family development.  Programs and services will be client driven and based on individual needs of the client.  The effectiveness of the programs and services offered will be dependent on the availability of resources that helps stabilize the clients formal and informal support system.  It is the plan of The HOOD to become part of the clients both formal and informal support systems in a unique manner that will help clients sustain progress.

Programs & Service






Family Services

Case Management

Transitional Services

Group Psycho-Social Education


Mentoring is a process of preparing youth for the challenges, obstacles, and barriers they will face in life that can interfere with positive social growth/development and academic success.

Inside the HOOD we see mentoring as an extended arm of the family and in some cases we may be the arms of the family.

Mentoring has to have a genuine purpose and no expiration date.  We define it as a process not a program with a termination date.

Mentoring: The Process

Identify/Introductions  *  Engage  *  Connect


Build Rapport  *  Inspire  *  Encourage


Empower  *  Challenge  *  Support



Like Parenting mentoring does not have a shelf life