About Us



A nonprofit (501c3) corporation in Kentucky pursuant to KRS Chapter 273

The HOOD’s goals are focused on programs and ​services that will empower and educate the youth and families being served.  The purpose of education and empowerment is to help at-risk youth and vulnerable young adults build positive self-esteem, improve their self-image, and enhance their self-worth; while increasing personal responsibility for actions and behaviors.

Our plan is to achieve our goals by providing the youth and families served with support services and resources necessary to help them enhance their ability to achieve long-term success.

Meet the Team:

The Home of Opportunities and Dreams Volunteer Board of Directors!

We would not have seen the ongoing growth without their continued support!

David Townsend

Founder & Executive Director

Carolyn Brown

Board Member

Pam Black

Board Member

Robert “Nimbo” Hammons

Board Member

George Martinez

Board Member

Maria Martin

Board Member

Eliza York

Board Member