Youth Mentoring – Freedom Center Field Trip

On January 12th, before the snow set in on Central Kentucky, we took a busload of kids from our HOOD Clubs and Youth Mentoring from both Madison Central High School and Madison Middle School to Cincinnati, Ohio. Students ranged from 6th to 11th grade and were many of their first times in Cincinnati. The awe of the kids with their phones out to take pictures, especially the middle schoolers, as we crossed the Kentucky River and Paycor Stadium came into view was humbling as some have never traveled outside of Central Kentucky before.

We explored and experienced, The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center as we head into the weekend of celebrating one of our greatest civil rights leaders ever. Before the trip, some of our students were wondering if they would get to see an actual train that day since we were visiting the Underground Railroad. While this is not a reflection of the education system, because US History is not taught deeply until the 8th-grade year, it is an inkling of what can happen if we continue to try to erase parts of our history, which is exactly what this museum fights against.

So many students, and adults, learned so much about their own history, as well as the ongoing struggle of so many modern-day enslaved people. Students learned the fight for equality is never done and we can’t wait to help them learn more about how to make their impact on the world. Over the coming weeks and months, we will continue to highlight students’ insights and experiences on social media.

It is because of our fundraising activities through our Village of Volunteers Network that we can provide these opportunities to our youth. So whether you volunteer with us, or donate via Venmo or by check, it is because of you that we can help make a difference in our future.